What We Do

It’s simple. We create and strengthen local hunting communities through mentorship.

How We Do It

The THC Mentoring Program is focused on long-term learning and connection. We promote one-on-one relationship building with the goal of teaching new hunters what they’ll need to know to be successful while creating a localized network of support that will keep them invested in their hunting community. Our mentored hunts will be held near the mentees’ home states, and we will provide a series of community gatherings and digital events designed to create a new-age local hunting club.

Our network of state and regional leaders will support these mentor/mentee relationships and keep tabs on the progress and outcomes. This approach should take a minimum of six months to complete with at least five days in the field during that time.

"Right now, our community of hunters features a diversity of ideas and approaches like never before. The backgrounds and perspectives available today are varied, far exceeding the stagnation of the past."

- Ben O’Brien, Founder

Three hunters searching in a field

Here are the things we celebrate:

When it comes to wildlife conservation, the North American Model is our (imperfect) guide.

A hunter’s goal should be to maintain the health of the ecosystem in which he/she hunts.

Hunting should always be viewed as the sustainable use of a natural resource.

The hunting community should strive to be inclusive by promoting a diversity of ideas and backgrounds without falling into political rhetoric on either side.

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